Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year

Sparklers...I may have said, " who ever got hurt by a sparkler?" My bad.

Making a Sunday turkey...

Nailed it.

Ok, so it kinda exploded "Christmas vacation" style when I took it out, but it was pretty good. I guess "falling off the bone" is not always a good thing.

A picture from andrews files...

This is Reese. We love her anyway. 😉

The paper game

Here are a couple drawings from the paper game we played with gma and gpa Dewitt and phoosie!

Christmas 2012

Here's the haul! The girls got tons of crafts, I got Jon the fhe board, lotion and new pans, and he got me the workout clothes and rappelling gear!!!

Santa pic 2012

A few family pics

On our way to do family pictures!

Here he is....

I can never seem to get a good picture of Andrew! Well, here he is!

THIS is how you say thank you!

I did an alteration for a lady who showed her thanks with flowers-soooo sweet!