Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby sling

Kenna was having a hard time carrying both babies, her violin, and a backpack, so I showed her what I used with Reese-the fabric sling! It's just a few yards of stretchy fabric tied strategically so you can tuck your baby inside. She was thrilled! It reminded me of when I tried it the first time and thought-"holy moley-I have TWO hands!!!"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Twins and home-made clothes

For 6th grade they do a sugar baby project where they have to keep a fake baby alive for a week, and Kenna got twins! Reaghan and Reese are both wearing home-made clothes here, which turned out pretty cute." brrr-brrr-brrrrrrr!" (that's just me, tooting my horn.)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting in shape....

Reese and reaghan running on the treadmill-reaghan is trying to run like John carter. :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Reaghan playing piano

Did you know you can go to the church website and change the key of any hymn or song from the childrens songbook to the key of C so it's easy to play?! So cool!

First day of school!

I think Andrew missed our last "first day of school" picture too! He leaves an hour earlier than the girls.

Reese cuts her hair. Again.

So I'm sewing when Reese walks in, sets my sewing scissors on my desk and says, "good thing I didn't cut my hair!" THAT got my attention. She apparently cut a tangled elastic out of her hair, and was relieved she didn't cut her hair. She was sadly mistaken. I ran my fingers through the back and just kept pulling out handfuls of hair. :,,( her sisters, in an attempt to make her feel better, told her it was just like layers,(yeah, inch long layers) or bangs in the back of her hair! )
Here is her hair ball, and a pic of me trying to do her hair.

Ice skating

Holy cow it's expensive to go ice skating! And reaghan and Andrew got blisters within the first hour, so that was a bummer. That's why Andrew is carrying her. She was so sad!!! The kids were all so sweet to Reese, who couldn't skate on her own.

Love my kids

How cute are these kids? Andrew had just stuffed a sandwich in his mouth, so that's the best smile he could manage. :)

At least it's not pajama pants...,

I like to be comfortable working from home, so I've tried making maxi skirts!


Summer is 2 weeks too long!!! This is Kenna being bored.