Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trampoline and fire fun

A typical saturday night at our house. We told ghost stories, which is always a good time. Of course, mine are always too scary, Kennadie's is pure talent, Reaghan just wants it all to end, Andrew incorporates a fart, and Reeses ties in a Book of Mormon story. ("And they had to live in the wilderness, and they didn't know abut God or Jesus, because they had no scriptures! Dun-dun-dun!"

Crazy hair day-we redeem ourselves

Donut Hair
So, last year I was out of town for crazy hair day, and I feel like we really had to make up for some so-so hair do's. I think we did just that...
Kennadie was sent all over the school to show different teachers! People would see her and say, "oh, the donut girl! I heard about you!" They took pictures and even stood in line to see it up close! I dont know how we're going to beat that!