Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Andrews birthday

For Andrew's 13th birthday we surprised him and four of his friends by pulling them out of school to go to the lake! 

Spotlight for the middle child :)

This is Reaghan saying her part for the 2nd grade musical

 And this is Reaghan getting a Citizenship award, nominated by her teacher!

Skateland FHE, Art show

Kennadie and Reaghan had art chosen for the district art show!  Kennadie actually had 2 pieces chosen, and Reaghan's was chosen to represent the entire school for another art show!!!
 Reaghan's is the dog one abover her head

 Kennadie's are the one over her left shoulder of the tent in the woods, and the Picasso-ish one below.

Skateland was just as I remember it from my childhood!  That's probably because they haven't changed anything or made any improvements...

Andrew and Kenna trying to keep Reese on her feet

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cuz picture

This are my Utah Cousins, Renae and I at their father's funeral.