Tuesday, March 20, 2012

peppersauce caves with the Rollins'!

Dirty bum picture!

Thats me, crawling out the cave exit.

Andrew's orchestra concert

Kennadie's 11th brithday

Cake eating contest...
Andrew's present to Kenna
Kennadie, opening andrew's present. He taped it to a brick, then wrapped it inside a box in a box in a box.
Reese's brithday card


Reaghan, with half of her face numbed from the dentist.

teaching Reese how to cross her eyes

I don't really think this needs much more explanation...:)


Dad's neighbor at the ranch has a 4 year old with leukemia, and my girls sold cookies on the corner to raise money for the family. They were able to make $360 in four short afternoons!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Reese was a little scared of how high up we were. She has the cutest dimple-even when she cries!!! Look at Reaghan's pretty face in this picture...

We went to Neilsons for dinner before the play. I kind of love this picture.

We went to Wicked last night-So FUN!!! We felt a little silly when we were parking the car and saw all the people 1.not dressed up 2.DEFNITELY not wearing witch clothes. But as we walked down the street, Jon encouraged me to embrace the DeWitt in me and own the green tights. Love that guy! (You have to say that line in the Despicable Me voice, like where his space ship gets shrunken and he says, "I hate that guy")