Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flash mob-after the surprise!

The whole group, once all the extra people (the flash mob extras) left.
Scott was honking Jen's bum or something to get her to make a funny face during pictures...
The Program: Jay did a routine with Dan as "little Wendy", a ventriloquist act. VERY funny. Then jay came out as Neil Diamond, singing about food storage. I almost can't write about it, because I don't think I can do it justice. Here is the youtube link :

My favorite line? "Maybe next week, maybe next year the stores will have nothing to sell. Nothing to buy but old toys and expired hair gel." (Sung to neil's "Forever in Blue Jeans")
Singing Happy Birthday...with the wedding cake turned birthday cake.
Posing with the Bride (Maddie Brown) and groom (Brock Thomas) and Mom! They were such great sports! I will owe them forever!
Janelle and I relishing in our victory. This was our baby-we put sooo much time into making it perfect!