Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Halliday tradition:we celebrate everything with donuts.
Boating last weekend-Andrew and Reaghan.
Andrew's Honors orchestra concert. He had to audition and they chose the best from all the elementary schools in the district and made an orchestra!

Sunday afternoon

Reaghan and I at Andrew's honors orchestra concert.
Yeah for Sunday afternoons!
I wanted a picture of Andrew after he got his braces off...I guess it takes a little while to get used to showing your teeth when you smile!
This is a cozy Sunday afternoon. Reese rubs her blanket (actually the fitted sheet from her crib she slept in from the day she came home from the hospital) across her lips and sucks her bottom lip. being a fitted sheet proves beneficial when she wants to wrap it around her too..

My Reesie

Reese got mosquito bites that made the bridge of her nose and her left eyelid swell. She looked like she got beat up-and subsequently got anything she wanted for a few days...
Reese loves to "play" with the chickens...

new pantry, Kennadie's 10th, Reese's vegetable garden

Jon building a pantry for me!!!!!!
So Jon calls me outside and points to some weed-looking things sticking up out of the grass and asks,"do you know what this is?" He pulls out the weeds, which turn out to be carrots. Reese got into some seeds in the freezer and planted them all over, so we've got fun mystery vegetables growing in the grass, rocks, and wherever reese threw them!
Kennadie and Andrew got their braces off, and this is Kennadie's 10th birthday!