Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve/morning

Andrew, super surprised to get his airsoft automatic rifle. Maybe because I bought him a decoy gun (a cheap-y one, very disappointing) and gave it to him Christmas eve for a secret Santa gift. Hee hee.
Andrew's gift to Reese, maybe not as much of a surprise. (Nice wrapping, Andrew!)
Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner-Chinese take-out on a picnic blanket under the tree. It looks like my girls are (very inappropriately) making Chinese faces.
Kennadie and I gorging ourselves on chocolate.

Jon got me a package of 2 half pound Reese's Peanut butter cups. This is cup #2...

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Stephanie Shumway said...

Ha! I love the Christmas eve dinner tradition! So cute! And I lurv your blog- just found you whist blog surfing. Merry Christmas!
-Stephanie Harward Shumway
ps- careful with that second peanut butter cup- they say it'll add 5 pounds to the tip of your nose. Weight dibursment's a b ;)