Friday, September 30, 2011

Flash Mob/mock wedding reception/surprise 60th birthday party...Preparations

So here's the story: We planned a wedding reception, complete with a fake bride and groom, wedding announcements, fake guests, wedding cake, the works. We invited Mom, and while she was in the line giving her love to the "bride and groom", the bride walks onto the dance floor and busts a move. Her fake husband joins her, then the rest of the group joins in a little at a time. (Mom-"Hey- this is a flash mob!!!) about half way through the dance, a group joins in consisting of Mom's siblings and nephew/niece that have come from other states. By then, everyone but Mom is dancing, and she knows it is a surprise party for her.

Want to watch it? Here's the link.

Janelle and I waltzing-looks like I let her be the girl that time...
Janelle, saucing up the ribs. Yes, that is a plastic bag on her shirt...

Practicing the dance

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