Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The girls

So, it turns out, reese had

Campylobacter (you get that from chickens)

and Mono. Anyone want to come play at our house? We just found out today, fortunately, she has not been contagious since Sunday, so Kindergarten is safe. Poor baby! That was a hard week for her. Really high fevers (up to 105*), barfing, diarrhea, and the last half of the week she was poo-ing blood. (I know, you are thinking, too much information, but just think of what I left out-like the disaster at the Target bathroom, and the sharting. Oh, so much sharting!)

I bought Reese some skinny jeans, which she tried on and said, "Mom, these are squeezing me!" Unfortunately, she ripped off the tags, So I introduced her to the art of stretching out your jeans-deep squats, that kind of stuff. Don't judge-you know you do it.
Kennadie and Reese wanted to dress alike today...

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