Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cute hairdo

I love to try out a new hairdo-often it is a copy of one I've seen, but I like to archive the originals. I take pictures and put them in a book so the girls can choose their hair style in the morning!

Dog Pile

Not a lot of personal space in this family. We're all spooners. :)

kenna's cartoon

This is a funny little program on the DS called pictochat, I think. You can do a series of drawings that you can turn into a little cartoon. Yes, this one depicts Reaghan farting and killing everyone.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Andrew and Grandpa

This is a picture from last year I just pulled off my memory card-Grandpa had a couple tickets to a Diamondbacks baseball game and took Andrew. I'm sure they stayed all 9 innings and ate overpriced hot dogs and soda. Good times.

Another eagle dive

Ok, in this "eagle dive" Reese's feet about touch her head-pretty funny.

lunch at Los Favoritos

Janelle and Dad were having lunch at Los Fav's and I came by to say hello! There was a gumball machine with fake mustaches (of course there was...) and I couldn't resist!

Levi, Janelle's nin'o

Happy Harry Potter's eve!

We are unashamed Potter fanatics. My dorky kids have had eyeliner lightning scars on their foreheads most of the week.

Eagle dive

Reese loves Nacho Libre, so she was demonstrating the eagle dive he does in the movie.

Friday, July 8, 2011

more fourth of july

Reesie stole Grandpa's hat for this great picture


These kids love their Grandpa! Here they are at the rodeo.

4th of July at the ranch!

All but 4 of the cousins pose for a group picture

We missed the parade, so the kids had their own parade

Utah vacation-boondocks

Reese, jumping up and down as her ball rolled (slowly) down the lane

Andrew is looking so old!

old picture-Elizabeth and a fashion designer

I found an old memory card, and these pictures were on it. Kennadie dressed up as Queen Elizabeth for an oral report, and Reaghan's class was supposed to dress as what they'd like to be when they grow up.

Wedding hair and makeup

Janelle and I doing hair and makeup for a wedding.I liked the little girls' hair-it was a fun challenge. She had chopped off her bangs at the scalp, so we swooped her bangs like it was nobody's business.