Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Inner beauty

This was an activity for the girls 8-11 (Activity Days) in Janelle's ward. It was about inner beauty, and they asked Jen to speak, knowing she won Miss Congeniality in the Jr. Miss pageant. Janelle spoke about being kind and a good friend (it was really good) then invited Marissa Robson to speak about when she won Homecoming Queen at Highland. It was awesome. Apparently her boyfriend (also Down Syndrome ) did not win-the football quarterback did, and the kids started chanting for him to give the boy, Joe, the crown. He did, and it was an unforgettable night! I met Marissa when I was 14-and yes, I got a kiss! She is so loving-when she says goodbye it's always, "bye-I love you so much!"

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