Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fossil springs in a day

Brave little reaghan
Exhausted Reaghan :)
Andrew cliff jumping

Fossil springs is a tough hike- 4 miles steep decline hike to the springs and falls, then a steep 4 mile incline hike out. We brought the kids minus Reese, but we only had a few hours to get in and out. I told the kids it would probably be the hardest thing they'd ever done, so they were pretty well prepared. We thought. :)

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Julie said...

My name is Julie Clark Fleming. I am a friend of Jon's from Junior High/High School. I have run into Sister Halliday over the years. She would give me updates on your family. I think the last time I talked to her was when you were pregnant with your youngest little girl. A friend told me about your blog so I got on to read about your adventures. Tell Jon hello! You have a beautiful family! If your family is here in Utah and you would like to BBQ we would love to have you for dinner. jerflem70@hotmail.com