Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fossil springs in a day

Brave little reaghan
Exhausted Reaghan :)
Andrew cliff jumping

Fossil springs is a tough hike- 4 miles steep decline hike to the springs and falls, then a steep 4 mile incline hike out. We brought the kids minus Reese, but we only had a few hours to get in and out. I told the kids it would probably be the hardest thing they'd ever done, so they were pretty well prepared. We thought. :)

Summer...one day down, like 80 to go...

Andrew looks so big here! He's getting so old!

Reese sewed a used dryer sheet onto hers to make it a bride. Totally her idea. She's hilarious.

So today was technically the first day of Summer vacation. I have to say, best day. Nobody tattled or complained of being bored. Andrew and his friends took the chickens for a walk. The kids spent some time sewing sock monkeys. Sprinkler on the tramp? Check. Chores done. (what-no complaining? Sweet.) 2.5 months of summer break? Bring it.

You know you use too much starch when...

This is a pair of jeans dropped off to me today to alter. We couldn't stop laughing at how stiff these things were!!!!! I broke two titanium needles shortening these.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Before and after (minus the befores...)

oooh, that fluorescent lighting really needs to go...

No longer 2 rooms-we finally have a great room! It went from being completely unused area (who actually uses a formal living/dining room? ) to the best room of the house!! We love to play Kinect, barbies and pollys, and music in there!

I am trying to track down some good before pictures that really capture the grey carpet, linoleum and even grey formica counter tops. So, the pantry used to be a doorway into the dining room, and the living room (above) was sunken. Jon also put in new tile throughout the main floor!

Last day of school!!!!!!!(BYE)

On her birthday, I did a number 10. (Shelly used to do the same thing when I was little) Ever since, whenever I do a braid design kids sitting behind her in class are like-"psst-kennadie! What does your hair say today?!" So we started to write funny (short) messages in the girls' hair. We did hi, a smiley face, ZOO (when Reaghan went to the zoo for a field trip) and here is BYE. I know I've done a fun hair style when my girl gets sent to the office to show the ladies there.

Preschool Graduation day

So during the graduation video Reese and her friends Macie and Payson jumped up and started bustin' a move! Genetics are a really interesting thing.

Peter piper pizza

I took Reese and her 3 best friends to Peter Piper for her birthday. Jon met us there, which was AWESOME. He rocked the virtual jump rope. Impressive, since he was carrying a gun, handcuffs, and like 100 tokens. When I did it I was emptying my pockets, taking off jewelry...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Reese!

It's my baby's 5th birthday! It's also the last full day I have home alone with her. Then the kids are off for the Summer, then... Andrew will be in Jr. High, Kenna in 5th grade, Reaghan in 2nd, and Reese will be in full-day kindergarten. I suddenly don't feel like ending my sentences in exclamation points....

kenna's yearbook comments

So when kids were signing yearbooks, Kennadie noticed the things they wrote were pretty boring-"have a good summer" and "you are awesome!" So she wrote silly, random things-my favorite-"I know life without my awesome-ness will be tough. Be strong." I sometimes wonder though, if the other 4th graders get her sense of humor. I think she's hilarious. Like when she quotes Nacho Libre, or Kid History (funniest videos ever-check them out on youtube)

Inner beauty

This was an activity for the girls 8-11 (Activity Days) in Janelle's ward. It was about inner beauty, and they asked Jen to speak, knowing she won Miss Congeniality in the Jr. Miss pageant. Janelle spoke about being kind and a good friend (it was really good) then invited Marissa Robson to speak about when she won Homecoming Queen at Highland. It was awesome. Apparently her boyfriend (also Down Syndrome ) did not win-the football quarterback did, and the kids started chanting for him to give the boy, Joe, the crown. He did, and it was an unforgettable night! I met Marissa when I was 14-and yes, I got a kiss! She is so loving-when she says goodbye it's always, "bye-I love you so much!"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another cruise pic

Here's the whole group! Boy I'm short!!!

Andrew's birthday

We had some family over for Andrew's birthday-here is Jon looking at the starts, and his sister Christyn and Aunt Pattie.

Reaghan's bug bite

What is with my little girls and mosquito bites?!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Academic night

We had the opportunity to go to academic night for Kennadie this week. It's for students 4th grade and up that got all A's and one B all year. Kennadie is in 4th grade, so this was our first time to go. After an evening of speeches, slideshows, and ceremonies we decided we would take Kennadie out for ice cream to celebrate her, and buy Andrew something nice to thank him for sparing us from Academic night the last 3 years. :)

mother's day tea

This is the Mother's day tea Reaghan's class put on. Reaghan is holding a picture she drew of me.

raising the floor

I hate sunken rooms. I think they are a little dated, and serve absolutely no purpose. So we (Jon) raised the sunken living room, which will be carpeted on Monday. Woohoo!

Dayton's Dash

So here's the story-I ran Dayton's Dash (a benefit 5k run-see the video on youtube under Dayton's Legs Mormon Message, or I think it's currently on the LDS homepage also-that is my nephew, Spencer) and Jon did traffic control. So naturally, as I passed by him I started waving obnoxiously and running backwards so he would be sure to really see me. I ran full speed (backwards) into a big ol' barricade and fell down with it. Fortunately, Dad, Jon, Renae, and a few dozen people I don't know saw it so it was not a wasted fall. Bruises are just starting to show up, but I think they'll be doozies. Sweet.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

fun with the Mac

Kennadie and I

It takes a lot of hard work to get a figure like this!

Alien girl

reaghan doing her super-model pose

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

modesty fashion show

For activity days, Kennadie's group had a modesty fashion show. We used one of my dresses and altered it to fit Kennadie and make it more modest. (I had to wear an undershirt, but we were able to sew sleeves from what I took in)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Reaghan's laugh

Have you seen Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events? There is a laugh that a little bobble head does when they're about to get plowed by a train-Reaghan's laugh sounds just like it! This water is COLD. It was mid-April, and lake water takes a while to get warm.

Cruise pic

Here is a pic from Catalina island-we are missing 4 girls in this one, but with 12 people it was tough to stay together all the time! My favorite quote from the trip was from a live band that said it sounded like someone was playing Angry Birds from our part of the room. I guess we were kind of high pitched and squaky.