Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sick Day

I was sick yesterday. I am on antibiotic, and got a flu bug. Fever, chills, and all the fun stomach stuff. Then, because I didn't have food in my stomach, I had a bad side effect with the antibiotic. It felt like I was getting a big bear hug-it hurt really bad to breathe. I could only take short breaths. With Jon out of town, my kids had to fend for themselves while I stayed in bed, literally, all day. I woke up several times to find the kids had left me things, like an ice water, crystal light (kennadie) and Reaghan even made me a get well card that she signed for all the kids, misspelling Andrew's name. :) At one point I took a bath, but could only make it back to my bed in a towel before needing to lay back down. Reese came in a couple minutes later with a pair of green sweats, and even brought me a matching green shirt. These kids really took good care of me-not once did anyone come in to ask for something or tattle. I don't even know what they ate all day. Probably cheese puffs and fruit roll ups.

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