Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sister look-a-likes

Renae and I have always looked a bit alike, so we

took this picture for the record.

Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa DeWitt's

The boys get in on the dressing up.
Grandprincesses in Grandma's dressups!

Hot juice, school (Reese wishes) and Lego Rockband

When the kids get a sore throat I make what we call "hot juice", hot water, honey and lemon juice. It tastes yummy and takes away the hurty throat!
Reaghan always looks so cute for school! And Reese so wishes she could come along!!! One more year... (sniff sniff)

Introducing Lego Rockband to Grandma and Grandpa was so funny. I think we had my dad sing Pink's "So What, I'm still a Rockstar" or something like that. Hee hee.

Winter Swimming

The clubhouse has a hot tub and a heated pool, so we spent time swimming this winter!

Christmas morning-the goods


This is so classic. This is the girls running in to open presents!

DeWitt Christmas party 2009

Grandma and Grandpa brought Christmas presents back from Egypt!

Ranch explosion, funny faces

I got aggressive with the ranch and it exploded on me, and Jon's police friend across the room.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Knee socks, lost tooth, and rainbows

Look at how the socks and bathing suit push all the fat to her thighs...Beautiful.
First lost tooth! Reaghan's teeth are fully grown in before she finally gets the old one out.

A whole rainbow!

Fun night at the school

The kids had a night where they got to show off what they were working on. Andrew did his president report on Andrew Jackson. I thought we did a good job on the hair.
Reaghan's grade had a concert...
Andrew and I played a special arrangement of Cannon in D, where we took turns playing the fun melody...