Friday, November 20, 2009

Reese quotes

This morning, after a swim in the heated (not enough for me) pool and hot tub, on our way out of the clubhouse, Reese points at an old man in olive pants and a sage shirt and says, "Mom, why is that man so green?" This from a girl with a pink dress on inside out, black pants under, and a sweater on backwards, because "it's backwards sweater day!" So I pointed all these things out to her to which she replied, "but I'm not wearing green."
Moments later in the parking lot a truck zooms by and she screams, "slow down!" sounding just like me when cars go by too fast down our street.
I'm so happy I get to stay home!!!!!!

Megan's studio opening

Megan surprised me with these pictures at her studio opening! She used me for a photography project a little while back, and these are a few of the pictures. If you're looking for a great photographer, she is really wonderful! ( for gallery, pricing and contact info) Megan chose the dress-it is a Jessica Mcklintock I got at a garage sale years ago. I dyed it blue, and sewed puffy white sleeves and hip poofs to make it a great Cinderella costume. (Megan had me take off the puffy sleeves and cinderella hip poofs. I guess it wasn't quite what she was going for... :)

Happy New Moon!!!

Thanks to

Renae for setting this fun night up! We rented out a theater and saw New Moon early. It was great-we spent the rest of the evening explaining to Shelly all the parts she missed in the book.

Monday, November 16, 2009


A couple news stations interviewed Jon and Mike Cluff about the car delivery. It's cute-and you gotta love good publicity for cops!

Favorite quote of the day...

Jon with the proud father

And the award goes to...JANELLE!!! I was wearing a ballcap when I saw her this morning, so when my hair was in a knot on top of my head when she came to pick up Daisy this afternoon, she asked, "did you get a shower?" to which I said no. Janelle, "um, you should." Yeah, I suppose when your hair looks wet even though it's not, it might be time for a shower. But I made 6 loaves of bread! That's gotta count for something! Jon, on the other hand, started his morning off by delivering a baby in the passenger seat of a car, then took all the kids out of school to take them out to lunch. He has school Monday nights, so he won't see them until tomorrow. We got the time wrong on when Reaghan goes to lunch, and the office lady said it was too late-that she would have already eaten. But then she said, "wait, that might be her looking at me right now!" Everyone tried to tell her to go ahead and eat with her class, but she hung out in the office waiting for her dad. Wow, this story has some seriously sad potential. I'm so glad he got there when he did! Jon, my hero.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween 2009

Renae's little girls, (far left and second from right) Daisy and Reese!

My sweet friend Terry Thomas took these at our "fall festival"and did all the cool effects-this isn't even half of them! Thank you!!!

Kennadie as Elphaba and Reaghan as Galinda. "The Ga is silent." They decided on these costumes just a couple hours before, so I was chopping up a fancy church dress to Galindafy it. Ken's was really easy. Normally I would be bugged by a last minute change in costume, but it was just so awesome. They looked perfect.

cinnamon (Andrew's idea-I swear)

Andrew saw this on AFV and wanted to give it a go. Guess he figured he loves cinnamon rolls and toast with cinnamon sugar...

Monday, November 9, 2009

The kids

This little one (Reaghan) is a sassy pants. Just like her older sister. She likes to dress herself, and she does it well. I love the boots. And Reese is really working the polka-dots and stripes.

I like this game. The kids tie Bionicles to string and hang them over the banister and have battles and rescue missions.

Reese is feeding Jenna (Janelle's baby) here. Jenna really seemed to enjoy it, which was awesome, since she was feeding her spoonfuls of water.

My 30th birthday!

I love my birthday! It was fun choosing what we were going to do. Here is a look inside my perfect day:
Start off with a sisters+Mom breakfast at my house on the deck Jon built me. A few little girls playing in the yard, smoothies, girlie food. Talking for 3 hours.
Eat lunch with Jon. (we do that together everyday, but it still helps make the day perfect)
Make dinner with Reaghan (the kids take turns making dinner. It's way fun.)
Go to Joe's Farmhouse grill for my free birthday dinner
Go to Krispy Kreme's for my free birthday dozen doughnuts
Go to Sam's Club and spend my birthday moolah (thanks moms!) on Christmas for the kids!!
See kids' faces when I bring them Krispy Kremes.
Go on a walk with Jon. Talk about all the stuff (see above) that makes life so great.

Reaghan's spooky dinner party

Reaghan had a Halloween Birthday dinner party with her friends.

We served bat wings (chicken wings with black bbq sauce) shrunken head (bread bowl filled with pasta) eye balls (oreo balls-look it up-they are the best) and some other gorey food. I was totally impressed with the girls scary costumes. They made me so proud.