Thursday, October 29, 2009

New pictures and funny quotes

Here are a few pictures with portraits that Megan Klug (480-628-2188) took that are too large to put on my blog, and funny quotes. This is our toy room/living room. Kennadie quote: "I farted in class today, but i did just what you said to do, just looked around, and nobody knew it was me!" Awesome.
Favorite Jon quote: The other morning after his early morning swim, as he's changing in the dark, "I'm glad you can't see me taking off my swimsuit. It's a little tight, and I have to do that hip wiggle thing." Yes, the hip wiggle and I have met.

Reese quote: In response to my asking how taking a nap (in my bed) while wearing underwear went, "Not very good. I peed."

Andrew quote: "Mom, remember that book report-it was due yesterday." Cue my flipping out..."well, of course I already handed it in. Come on, mom." You're hilarious.
Reahan quote:"The boys all chase the girls at recess..." Me"if you tell them you don't want to play that, they'll stop..." Reaghan, "No, I like it." Aw, crap.

Reaghans Birthday and Dounuts

My little birthday girl! Reaghan turns 6 today. One of Jon's and my favorite things to do is imitate her expressions and the way she talks-see who can od it best. She is so dang funny. And so easy! Not like, "I don't care, anything is fine" easy, but "you're right, mom, fruit snacks are a much better idea for a birthday treat for the class! Cupcakes just make us sick." easy.

Thank you, Grandma and Christyn! Reaghan loves the clothes and books!!!

We got Reaghan a cupcake making kit! She wanted the whole easy bake oven thing, but I've heard such bad tings about all that (plus the cost of replacement mixes ) so I got silicone individual cupcake molds (so they can go in the microwave), a cool frosting/filling tool, frosting and cake mix that you just add water to. That I got at my cool grocery store, and you get it in 5 lb bags, so we're good for quite a while.

Halloween party

My favorite costume-Jim and Pam. Our camera is really having some issues, so some fo these are fuzzy.
Jenni and I really know how to throw a kickin party.

Jon and I as Emmette and Rosalie. I knew I'd have to do something safe so Jon would actually wear it. Believe it or not, I had to make some serious threats to get him to turn the hat sideways.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So we bought these tickets about a year earlier, and kind of forgot about them. We listened to the music and explained a little bit of the story to the kids, but it wasn't until after school one day, when Andrew was humming the "popular" tune that I thought to myself, "mmmm, Wicked. That's a great musical. I remember when I bought tickets to that." Suddenly I'm in panic mode, yelling, "what's the date?! Somebody find a calendar!" My tickets were for that very day, just a couple hours away. I quickly called Jon to get him home (he had an overtime shift scheduled), we cleaned ourselves up a little and raced to Gammage theater. Even though we made it, I still had panic attacks about it for a couple days.

More Brighton pictures

We went on a little hike during our Gunderson reunion. Not bad scenery...

How cute is he? he has on a backpack with a half dozen water bottles for our mile hike. :)

When we came back to the cabin, we saw that the kids had been up to some fun crafts. Look, it's the classic head with arms and legs sticking out!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Painting the floor!

We tore out the carpet (it was so gross. the area under where the kids eat was so awful.) and painted the concrete! It's just a band aid until we tile, but I figure I'll be able to wait longer if the band aid is cute!

I love how the girls "helped" by painting stick figures on the floor. It made me so sad to paint over them. Especially Reese's-the 3 yr old stick figure-you know the one-a big circle head with legs and arms sticking out the bottom and sides. Do you think everyone thinks their first child is the first to ever draw a person like that? Then you find out every 3 year old draws people exactly the same way! Kind of cool.

Greek/Roman, Colonial, 80's day! (huh?)

The fifth graders had colonial day. I came in a Martha Washington costume and taught finger-weaving. Found out vests are really easy to make. When I went to the school it was so cute to see each grade dressed as a particular era-I thought the third graders looked cute at recess. Like a playground in heaven...

So as I was showering that morning, Reaghan informs me she's also supposed to dress up-the kindergartners had the 80's. Units belts-also very easy to make. I also learned a toga costume can double as a ghost costume. Sweet! I made pita bread and hummus for Ken's class.

Reese looks a little funky in this. Hey, Shelly, remember the cashier at the grocery store we went to together that kept saying the word funky, but didn't pronounce the "K" in it? My eyes about popped out of my head. "Yes, that is a funky way to spell my name..."

So apparently Reaghan's teacher didn't send out reminders (the only one I got was in the shower the morning of) so Reaghan was the only one in her class to dress up. Well, at least she got a valuable lesson on the importance of layering socks. (come on, you know you did it too!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just another day

So this first pic is really blurry. Janelle and I took our babies to the Shade store, and Reese and Daisy were kind of running wild. This picture is of Reese holding the mannequin in the window's right arm. I tried to be discreet about the picture taking, as the sales lady wasn't too pleased. I was scolding Reese while peeking my camera out of my purse for a quick snap. This is the discount grocery store. we love to spin the wheel! It makes me feel like I'm on The Price is Right! we always cheer a little too loud.

So this one needs a little explaining. We were waiting at the bathroom because Reese had to potty. An old man was in there for about 10 minutes (no joke) while we waited by his cart. What I didn't notice is that she was taking capri suns out of a box in his cart and drinking them. We (Jeni Everette and I) then started running around looking for new capri suns to put back into the box she ripped open.

Not very reverent conference activities

We tore up the carpet in the family room, which of course means riding bikes in the house. I like how you can see conference going on in the background. You can only make kids sit and watch conference for so long. After 8 hours, I was about to jump on a tricycle and do a few laps! Nothing against conference-it's just sitting and watching 8 hours of anything in two days can make you a little antsy.

Lazy Saturday

well, it was lazy for some of us. Jon was busy installing a new toilet. This was after he plunged, snaked, then removed the old toilet and tried to unplug it out on the lawn. I was mortified when a poopie came rolling out. Never mind that there were dozens of dog poopies all over the lawn. there, right in front of my sweet husband's eyes, was my poop.I tried to sheild his eyes from the offensive poo, but he was all business. We ended up needing a new toilet anyway, and our new one (appropriately name The Champion) brags an ability to flush an entire bucket of golf balls without clogging. I know what I'm doing this weekend!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

look what I found!

I Googled myself, and found this picture in an old newspaper article about the police/fire softball game! It's a little scary to look yourself up-who knows what scandalous stuff you'll find? Like a picture of yourself some distant relative took at your in-laws' family reunion when you happened to be trying out something new (and horrible) with your eyebrows. I mean, that's just an example.