Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's project

Look what I made today! (skirts and bows). I'm kinda excited, because they cost about $1.50 a peice to make!

4th of July 2009

Ah, the good ol' red, white, and bootie. Reese has a loyalty issue, especially with swimsuits. It seems like it's a betrayal to wear a new one.

Gunderson reunion at Brighton

Mommy's (MAC) makeup

O.K., scary baby. Reese got into my Mac concealer, which is pretty waterproof, so it was a couple days until we saw her eyebrows/lashes again.

Reaghan's makeover party

Aren't they beautiful???!!

Fathers day 2009

Reese misses her nap during church and falls asleep on the couch right when we get home. A side note:she usually pees, creating a fun mess for me.
The kids took a picture of me because I had horns.

O.K., I steal a lot of ideas and make them mine, but this is one I truly came up with all on my own. WE LOVE DADS!!!

Reaghan riding a 2 wheeler!!!

Not to say she's done it again since or ever will again...I hate it when they biff.