Thursday, June 11, 2009

More dodgeball pictures

Yeah family support! I think they were actually there to see Miranda's friend play against us. They are about the best team on the league, and we were 4 girls and 2 guys, so we were a bit suckish. Happy birthday, Miranda!I actually did catch this ball. So fun. I was named MVP for our tam the last three games. Well, two said "cherise" and one said "Tress" The girls are Jeni and Carrie, so I kind of think that was a scary attempt at my name. (think, Terees...?)

Jeni forbade from putting this on, but that was only because she didn't know we got the balls coming right at her in the pic. That makes it way funnier-totally worth the goofy face.

My throws totally suck. I mostly just try not to let them get caught so I can stay in the game. It's more of a bowling throw, really.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"He did WHAT?"

So Andrew and Kennadie went to Utah yesterday to stay with Ryan and Emelie (Jon's brother and his brother's wife) for 2 weeks. They went on a plane ride all by themselves! They have so much fun stuff planned, the kids won't want to come home. So this morning I was talking to Andrew on the cell phone, when he says Kennadie has been really bad and Aunt Emelie wants me to talk to her. ( Oh my HECK!) I told him to get her on the phone immediately. Kennadie gets on, and I was like:

M - "What is going on?!"
K -"Mom, Andrew was kicking."
My voice raises a little more.
M -"What?! He kicked you?!!!?! "
K - "Mom, he was choking!"
Only dogs can hear me now.
K - "No, Mom, he was JOKING!"
M - "Oh."

Joking. And tricking, not kicking? So, nobody's been bad? Suddenly I'm not missing Andrew's sense of humor (obviously comes from Jon's side of the family). <---written by Jon-not me!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kissy Lips

The girls took turns posing with a kissy face sticker on their mouths.

The many sides of Jon

Here is Jon mowing the lawn. What makes me laugh is the shoes. They are golf shoes with ankle socks. Apparently this helps aerate the lawn. Sometimes he wears his big black combat boots, gym shorts, and no shirt. SO AWESOME. Jon used his lunch break to work on Reese's birthday cake. This is real serious work. I'd like to say he did it to lighten my birthday party load, but I truly think he just didn't trust my cake-making skills. And for good reason. I have ruined almost every cake I have attempted.

The finished product!

Have I ever spoken of my Jon? I mean, REALLY spoken of him? He is amazing. He is good at EVERYTHING. And the kindest husband. And so stinking funny. I can't wait to hang out with him to get my daily dose of funny. Have you ever been to a sleepover, and there was that one annoying kid who didn't want to go to sleep and woke up at the first sign of sunlight because he was just so excited to be at a sleepover? Now imagine two of those kids got married. I AM SO TIRED. 11 years of being so excited to be with him is really starting to wear me down. We got up at 4:45 am this morning to make doughnuts for National Doughnut Day. (I sent them in to the police department with Jon . I thought that would be funny.) And stayed up until after 11 laughing till it hurt. I like this boy.

American Idol Finale

You know me, any excuse for a party! I LOVE parties. I love doing the food, I love the visiting, I love it all. Here we've got a couple sisters, sis-in-law Courtney, and cousin Sky.
Oh, Kris, (sniff) we are so happy!!!

Janelle and Sky realize they totally match. It's in their blood. The funny part is that Janelle couldn't wear makeup and had to wear her glasses because she was getting lasiks the next day, so she was probably feeling super-cute. She looks so good without makeup, I could puke.

LOVE it.

We got a new sink when Jon did the counters. This thing is humongous. Sometimes when Reese gets sticky I'll throw her into the sink to get clean. Look, I'm saving water!
There is something so awesome about a toddler hanging out in their underwear all day. I also love how Reese is standing with one foot on each chair.

Daisy plays mommy...then baby.

Janelle was laughing at how Daisy always tries to nurse any doll she plays with since she had her second baby, Jenna. So we all laughed when she nursed the Barbie. The best part, though, was when she looked at this well endowed plastic doll, thought about things for a second, then decided that Barbie was in a better position to be the mommy.

Airsoft wars

Andrew and Kennadie like to have airsoft wars with their friends. They once roped me into one, which lasted only long enough for me to get shot, and let me tell you, there is nothing soft about these guns!


We are going to the clubhouse once a week, which is turning out to be barely enough fun sister-time! I love how super-tall I am in this picture. I shamelessly stood on a kid's sandcastle to be as tall as my hottie sisters. :)

American Girl Tea party

Kennadie had a tea party with her friends this week. We ate, made lemonade with lemon juice in the tea pot, water in the cooler, and sugar cubes. super cute. We also made clothes for the dolls and flowers pins fo rtheir hair.


Poor, poor Polly

It's no secret I am not a fan of dogs. We got our dog when it was found wandering south Gilbert and someone brought it in to the police department. When the pound guys showed up, Jon asked if (because they are so overcrowded) they would like us to keep her until the owners came looking (for surely no one would abandon such a cute dog?). Well, apparently she's not THAT cute, because no one came looking. And nobody answered the ads I put on all the lost dog sites. :( The kids adore her, though. Maybe a little too much.