Saturday, May 23, 2009

Funny story

A while back, I was in the church foyer with Reese and Reaghan, and they were having a conversation. Here's what I heard:
Reese, looking at a picture of Christ knocking on a door, "What Jesus doing?"
Reaghan, "He knocking on a door. Jesus is our brother. He saved us from our..." pauses, waiting for Reese to answer..."our sins, huh Reese?"
Reese nods a slowly, clearly a little lost, as Reaghan continues her sermon, "Satan, though, Satan is mean. He wants us to do bad things." With this, Reese's eyes get wide, and she obviously knows exactly what Reaghan is talking about.
Reese, excitedly nodding, "Santa Clause scare a'me. HO HO HO!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Camping at Peppersauce

Oh boy, we are havin' some real fun now. The campground is so beautiful. Almost completely shaded by huge trees, with lots of exploring to do. Oracle caves are only about a mile away...
I thought it was funny that Polly crawled into Andrew's sleeping bag during the night.

The babies didn't like when the campfire smoke came in their faces, so they covered up with blankets when it came their way.

Dad and Reese eating scones!

The Hallidays/Hoovers outside the cave after expolring for over an hour. The kids-everyone-loved it.

Cleaning up back at the campground, only a couple miles from the caves. I totally recommend this place for camping-it was the best trip ever!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I know I look kinda scary in the morning, but how cute are my pancakes?!!! I cried all through church. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom! Here's Kennadie's song she wrote for me:
It's Sunday morning and I wake, It's Mother's day-it's really great. We sing this song because it's truuuue we sing it because we love youuuuuu. We clean a lot but we'll take a shot 'cause we'll do anything for you. We'll walk with you, we'll talk with you, we'll do anything for youuuuu. Many people love their mom-but I love you the most. I remember always about those time when Reese would tell us of a ghost. We love you mom-we really do. That is why we sing to youuu.

Reaghan's tea party

Reaghan is all dressed up for a tea party. Of course, when we got there we saw that the other girls just mostly threw on a princess dress-up, but Reaghan didn't seem to mind being over-dressed.
Reese always likes to dress up like her sisters. I can't decide who looks more awesome.

Andrew's playhouse

Andrew was helping Jon, and then me, build this playhouse. After a while he really got the hang of how to do it, so when I got busy with other things, he took over! He's so talented-he really loves building.

Kennadie's baptism

It was a great day! We sang as a family, and Kennadie only tried to leave once! Yes, a little before her confirmation, she left to go hang out with her cousin, Rylie in the foyer. Yelling down the hallway for her was so awesome.

Jon's project

Jon made new counters and I painted the cabinets! He also built me a pantry!!!


Reesie gazing at whatever she can see in the noon sky. :)

Reese cuts her hair : (

Reesie lopped off one of her pigtails (well, most of it) here. I couldn't bear to even it out, so we're just camouflaging it until, well, forever.

Brave little girl

Kennadie was having some unexplained headaches and stomachaches, so she got some blood work done. I think normally she would have been scared, but I always give my kids a dollar when they get shots, so she was pretty excited.

Our "new" motorhome!

We got this ghetto old motorhome for such a steal!!! It needs some work, but we love it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yeah dodgeball!!!!! Yes, I'm on a competitive dodgeball team. My friend, Jenny, behind me-she's so awesome! I was surprised at how few girls are interested in getting balls thrown at them. Weird.