Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our trip to the snow

We drove to the snow for a fun day of sledding-not much snow, but it did the job!

"Sooooo coooooold!"

Christmas morning 2008

Reese enjoying the packaging. :)

Christmas Eve we opened the presents from Ryan and Emily Halliday. They sent games for each of us, so we spent the night playing everyone's game! Our fav. was Reese's-a crocodile that snaps down on your finger when you push odwn the right (wrong?) tooth. Everyone squeeled and screamed the whole game. Thank you, Ry, Em, and girls!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

We transformed the hallway into a train for the polar Express. The pictues don't even do it justice. We watched some of the movie, until it pulled up to the North Pole, and everyone was ushered outside, where a "north Pole" had been set up, Santa, Christmas trees, and even snow!

Hot Chocolate song! The boys totally danced down the aisle-it was so cute.

Chocolate fountain

I helped with the food at a friend's open house for her son's farewell, and decided to do a chocolate fountain. The cord was apparently in Reese's way, and it all dumped all over her. I ran her home (just a couple streets distance) in the rain to avoid getting chocolate in the car. The scene reminded me of the one in Carrie, after she's covered with the pig's blood at the prom, and she's walking home in the rain, and it's all smearing down her face...Good times, good times.