Monday, December 28, 2009


Us in our taxis...
In front of the theater
An advertisement for a brothel.

On the steps of the theater. They've fenced off the top portion because when Kiss had a concert there, the noise level and the size of crowd made it start to crumble.

The Library

Just outside of Ephesus. The taxi drivers we paid kept taking us to stupid shops we said we didn't want to go to. It was a little scary being driven around by people who really hate Americans. So when the sign said Ijshmir (the port where our ship was waiting) left and our driver turned right, we all panicked a little. I even came up with a plan to save us all (it was a kind of long drive). I would jump into the front, throw open his door, kick him out and take the wheel. In the end, it was just a route that kept them from having to pay a toll, but that didn't keep the absurd thoughts from crossing my mind, like how bad I had to go to the bathroom, and if I was shot and killed the news report would say something like, "mother of four found with a bullet wound to the whatever, and poo in her pants"

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