Friday, December 25, 2009

Rome-Four Fountains, the Metro, dinner

Waiting for the train. I think we spent 11 Euros on our day, plus a ticket to the Vatican. We saved hundreds by just taking the train and being our own tour guide.

Eating dinner on the ship

Four fountains. I think this is where they try to drown the Cardinal in Angels and Demons. I didn't realize what a violent movie that was! All day in Rome we were like, "Oooh, this is where the guy got buried alive, and that is where they set that one guy on fire-let's take a picture!"

The story on this is that they chose one artist over another to do the building (name?)in the background, and when they asked the passed over artist to do the fountain, he sculpted all the men facing away and covering their eyes to avoid seeing the other artist's building. Good to see even accomplished artists could be immature.

Raphael's tomb. No cool preserved body here. :(

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