Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home again

Jon and I have been on a 2 week Mediterrenean cruise until last night. It was amazing. Right up until our flights were cancelled because of snow, and we spent 2 days in airports, including an over-nighter in Paris. I must say, I was pretty excited when I heard they were sending us to Paris for the night, then on to the states. This (above) was not how I pictured our stay in beautiful Paris. It was freezing-we could see our breath inside the airport. I could only find one ankle sock, but I somehow managed to fit both feet into it, which also looked hilarious. Cold metal chairs froze our buns, so the cold tile floor was nice and cozy in comparison. As I made our bed (really, more of a nest) I imagined Jon's horror that I was sprawling out on the floor, but he surprised me by snuggling up and spooning me (to keep me warm, I'm sure) all night. Ah, romance was in the air in lovely Paris. Much to tell-majestic wonder after another, with days of eating in wonderful restaurants (on the ship, so free...) and staying in bed all day (seriously-all day) with a book. Jon and I soaked up every second we had together, which after 15 days, was quite a few. Makes that whole "eternity" thing seem pretty awesome.


Lindsey said...

Oh I am DYING to hear more details about your trip!!!! Ours is coming up in 2 1/2 weeks!

Melissa said...

I looked at all of your pictures! It looks like you had an incredible time! You're so lucky! You looked beautiful in all your pictures. I love your cute green hat! And the things you wrote were so funny (Ex. "poop in her pants"). I'm glad you and your hubby were able to do this!