Monday, November 9, 2009

My 30th birthday!

I love my birthday! It was fun choosing what we were going to do. Here is a look inside my perfect day:
Start off with a sisters+Mom breakfast at my house on the deck Jon built me. A few little girls playing in the yard, smoothies, girlie food. Talking for 3 hours.
Eat lunch with Jon. (we do that together everyday, but it still helps make the day perfect)
Make dinner with Reaghan (the kids take turns making dinner. It's way fun.)
Go to Joe's Farmhouse grill for my free birthday dinner
Go to Krispy Kreme's for my free birthday dozen doughnuts
Go to Sam's Club and spend my birthday moolah (thanks moms!) on Christmas for the kids!!
See kids' faces when I bring them Krispy Kremes.
Go on a walk with Jon. Talk about all the stuff (see above) that makes life so great.


Melissa said...

Sound like a great day! 30??!?!?! Really? Whew! You're OLD! ;)

halliday6 said...

I'll own that one! No shame in getting older!