Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween 2009

Renae's little girls, (far left and second from right) Daisy and Reese!

My sweet friend Terry Thomas took these at our "fall festival"and did all the cool effects-this isn't even half of them! Thank you!!!

Kennadie as Elphaba and Reaghan as Galinda. "The Ga is silent." They decided on these costumes just a couple hours before, so I was chopping up a fancy church dress to Galindafy it. Ken's was really easy. Normally I would be bugged by a last minute change in costume, but it was just so awesome. They looked perfect.


Jacqueline said...

So adorable!!!
The weather seems way too nice in your area.
I wish we were there.It snowed saturday!

halliday6 said...

well, sometimes we have to wear pants, but I guess that's ok. :) Come down for a break from the cold!