Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reaghans Birthday and Dounuts

My little birthday girl! Reaghan turns 6 today. One of Jon's and my favorite things to do is imitate her expressions and the way she talks-see who can od it best. She is so dang funny. And so easy! Not like, "I don't care, anything is fine" easy, but "you're right, mom, fruit snacks are a much better idea for a birthday treat for the class! Cupcakes just make us sick." easy.

Thank you, Grandma and Christyn! Reaghan loves the clothes and books!!!

We got Reaghan a cupcake making kit! She wanted the whole easy bake oven thing, but I've heard such bad tings about all that (plus the cost of replacement mixes ) so I got silicone individual cupcake molds (so they can go in the microwave), a cool frosting/filling tool, frosting and cake mix that you just add water to. That I got at my cool grocery store, and you get it in 5 lb bags, so we're good for quite a while.

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