Thursday, October 29, 2009

New pictures and funny quotes

Here are a few pictures with portraits that Megan Klug (480-628-2188) took that are too large to put on my blog, and funny quotes. This is our toy room/living room. Kennadie quote: "I farted in class today, but i did just what you said to do, just looked around, and nobody knew it was me!" Awesome.
Favorite Jon quote: The other morning after his early morning swim, as he's changing in the dark, "I'm glad you can't see me taking off my swimsuit. It's a little tight, and I have to do that hip wiggle thing." Yes, the hip wiggle and I have met.

Reese quote: In response to my asking how taking a nap (in my bed) while wearing underwear went, "Not very good. I peed."

Andrew quote: "Mom, remember that book report-it was due yesterday." Cue my flipping out..."well, of course I already handed it in. Come on, mom." You're hilarious.
Reahan quote:"The boys all chase the girls at recess..." Me"if you tell them you don't want to play that, they'll stop..." Reaghan, "No, I like it." Aw, crap.


Melissa said...

I love, love, love that 2nd picture! It's gorgeous! I can't even believe how much you look like your mom! Pretty much exact!

halliday6 said...

It's horrible quality compared to the original. I just took a picture of the framed picture 'cause the one I downloaded was way too many jpegs or whatever they're called. But thanks-I like that one. :0

Jacque said...

Ha Ha I love the 'aw, crap' you added at the end.

You are so adorable my dear!