Monday, October 5, 2009

Just another day

So this first pic is really blurry. Janelle and I took our babies to the Shade store, and Reese and Daisy were kind of running wild. This picture is of Reese holding the mannequin in the window's right arm. I tried to be discreet about the picture taking, as the sales lady wasn't too pleased. I was scolding Reese while peeking my camera out of my purse for a quick snap. This is the discount grocery store. we love to spin the wheel! It makes me feel like I'm on The Price is Right! we always cheer a little too loud.

So this one needs a little explaining. We were waiting at the bathroom because Reese had to potty. An old man was in there for about 10 minutes (no joke) while we waited by his cart. What I didn't notice is that she was taking capri suns out of a box in his cart and drinking them. We (Jeni Everette and I) then started running around looking for new capri suns to put back into the box she ripped open.

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