Thursday, October 15, 2009

Greek/Roman, Colonial, 80's day! (huh?)

The fifth graders had colonial day. I came in a Martha Washington costume and taught finger-weaving. Found out vests are really easy to make. When I went to the school it was so cute to see each grade dressed as a particular era-I thought the third graders looked cute at recess. Like a playground in heaven...

So as I was showering that morning, Reaghan informs me she's also supposed to dress up-the kindergartners had the 80's. Units belts-also very easy to make. I also learned a toga costume can double as a ghost costume. Sweet! I made pita bread and hummus for Ken's class.

Reese looks a little funky in this. Hey, Shelly, remember the cashier at the grocery store we went to together that kept saying the word funky, but didn't pronounce the "K" in it? My eyes about popped out of my head. "Yes, that is a funky way to spell my name..."

So apparently Reaghan's teacher didn't send out reminders (the only one I got was in the shower the morning of) so Reaghan was the only one in her class to dress up. Well, at least she got a valuable lesson on the importance of layering socks. (come on, you know you did it too!)

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