Monday, August 31, 2009

New bookcase

You know that thing parents always say- "This is why we can't have nice things!" That gets said a lot around here. Reese breaks everything. So we're taking some preventative measures, before we get the Wii fixed (Reese shoved DVDs into that until it stopped working) and an xbox 360 (we don't know what's up with the old xbox, but it pretty safe to blame her.) Jon built the bookcase (Sigh. He's so yummy.) and mounted the TV. Bring it baby.

Giant Cupcake!

Kennadie, Reaghan, Reese and a couple friends made and decorated one of those big cupcakes from the infomercial.

My baby smells like syrup. All the time.

I've noticed this on several occasions, and others have pointed it out. The nurse at the pediatrician's office says, " oooh, somebody had pancakes!" The weird thing is, we don't. Sunday is pancake day, but every other day is just oatmeal or cereal! In fact, she eats oatmeal ALL THE TIME. She's yelling at me from downstairs right now, "Mom, you make me some eemeel?" I've wondered why this little girl smells like syrup, when Mom laughed at her scent last night, as she was polishing off a before-bed snack of maple-brown-sugar oatmeal. Duh. It's not even that it's on her face or hands, it emitting from her skin, she eats it so much. She sweats maple-brown-sugar! Gives new meaning to "sugar and spice, everything nice"

Saturday, August 29, 2009

First day of school

"when I be five, I go school." Reese had a little separation anxiety dropping off the kids. She's had them to herself all day. every day for almost a year. Poor sweet thing.
Reaghan in front of her classroom. She said the funniest thing when she got home. I asked how her day was, and she sighed, "well, Mrs. K. said we were going to do something really exciting, and guess what-" (she raises her eyebrows and shakes her head) "it wasn't."

The kids are showing what grade they're starting. Rage is holding up a "k" and reese, well, looks like she's starting 10th grade.


Kennadie, I am so sorry. It's my fault you have eyebrows that go clear down into your eyelids, and that you have a dark moustache in the 3rd grade. It reminds me of the line in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where she talks about being the only girl in her grade with side burns and...what was the other part? So funny. So the waxing makes her a little pink. Beauty hurts, love.