Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"He did WHAT?"

So Andrew and Kennadie went to Utah yesterday to stay with Ryan and Emelie (Jon's brother and his brother's wife) for 2 weeks. They went on a plane ride all by themselves! They have so much fun stuff planned, the kids won't want to come home. So this morning I was talking to Andrew on the cell phone, when he says Kennadie has been really bad and Aunt Emelie wants me to talk to her. ( Oh my HECK!) I told him to get her on the phone immediately. Kennadie gets on, and I was like:

M - "What is going on?!"
K -"Mom, Andrew was kicking."
My voice raises a little more.
M -"What?! He kicked you?!!!?! "
K - "Mom, he was choking!"
Only dogs can hear me now.
K - "No, Mom, he was JOKING!"
M - "Oh."

Joking. And tricking, not kicking? So, nobody's been bad? Suddenly I'm not missing Andrew's sense of humor (obviously comes from Jon's side of the family). <---written by Jon-not me!


Emelie said...


No one has been bad. The kids have been very very good. You do not need to talk to any of them! We are having lots of fun.... We are so glad you let them come.

halliday6 said...

I'm so glad! And the comment about it being from Jon's side-HE wrote that. Thank you so much for having them!