Saturday, May 23, 2009

Funny story

A while back, I was in the church foyer with Reese and Reaghan, and they were having a conversation. Here's what I heard:
Reese, looking at a picture of Christ knocking on a door, "What Jesus doing?"
Reaghan, "He knocking on a door. Jesus is our brother. He saved us from our..." pauses, waiting for Reese to answer..."our sins, huh Reese?"
Reese nods a slowly, clearly a little lost, as Reaghan continues her sermon, "Satan, though, Satan is mean. He wants us to do bad things." With this, Reese's eyes get wide, and she obviously knows exactly what Reaghan is talking about.
Reese, excitedly nodding, "Santa Clause scare a'me. HO HO HO!"

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