Wednesday, November 26, 2008

random pictures off my phone

These are all pretty random, poor quality pictures, mostly taken by the kids with my phone!

Reese and I. (I think)

The kids petting an anaconda. :)

Looks like me in the car?

Reesy making a silly face with her tongue.

This is Reaghan's eye.

Here is Reese at the clubhouse.
I'm trying to smooth out some of Andrew's bed hair for school here.

Jon and I on a romantic snowboarding trip with Travis and Kim.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The girls' room

We had to fit all three girls into one tiny bedroom, so we got creative and stacked their full size (actually queen size headboard/footboards with full mattresses) beds to make ginormous bunk beds! Jon made a cute matching ladder, and I even painted!


A neighbor (the Huffs) put on a mega-production each Halloween, and this year it had an oriental theme. They asked me to do hair, which was pretty fun. This is Terry Thomas, with a huge headdress on. She also had red contacts in, which were totally freaky!
It's kind of small, but you can kind of see the girls' hair here. I put styrofoam forms in their hair to make huge shapes. It looked awesome.

Halloween 08

Is it just me, or is Reaghan flipping the bird over her peanut butter cup?

This is Andrew holding Reese's hand. I love how unafraid she is!

Reese and Jackson Hoover

Kenadie was a Chinese girl and Reaghan was Scream. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kennadie's dance video

grandma Halliday sent those singing cards for Halloween, and Kennadie got all Saturday Night Fever with hers. I have no idea where she learned the spanking.

Treasure Hunt

This is the end of the treasure hunt, with the treasure chest cake!

I made this a surprise birthday party because Reaghan got a little out of control planning her party. (not that I wasn't totally excited about taking 10 kids to Jungle Jims AND Chucky Cheese!)

Reaghan's Pirate Birthday party

The kids doing an "Arrgh" and raising their glasses.
This is Reaghan's pirate smile :)

I know I look uber-stupid here, but this is my mom and I dressed up as pirate/peasant girl. We are such dorks!

This is the cake I am so proud of. I copied it from a picture of one my sister Renae did, which was so much better than mine, but still it's a huge improvement on my normal cakes!!!

Reese and Daisy

The girls were trying on their Halloween costumes!!