Tuesday, December 23, 2008

hiking ussery pass and the Superstitions

Janelle told us about a great hike that she runs, which made us think is was pretty easy. As is turns out, she is just super-human. It was fun, though. (the hiking pamphlet called it "moderately difficult" )The kids wouldn't let us go back until we got to the top.

I love Reaghan's expression here!

We seem to have to do a lot of carrying on the hike down. Jon held Reese up and down, and I held Reaghan the hike down.

These are the hyrogliphics (i know it's spelled wrong) we saw on the Superstition hike.

The makeover club

Reaghan came into my room crying because Kennadie and her friend wouldn't let her into their club. So I started a club for she and I-the Makeover Club. I was trying to get ready for a party, so this provided a way for me to do my hair and makeup and then have a little fun with Reaghan's! Of course, when Kenna saw her, she felt left out, so we let her in too. Yikes.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Extreme baby swing

Even rockers need some sleep...


A little Kareoke...

Symphony clips

Just a warning, these are reallyhard to watch. They made me sick, because the camera moves so much.

The kids and I at a concert.

Andrew's skateboarding accident

My little student

I found Reese playing a little violin-I thought it was so cute that she was holding it the right way!

Lemonade (and apparently poo) for sale!

The girls had a lemonade stand one Saturday...

Andrew and his friend helped with advertising. I believe Andrew's says something about trying the poo.

Watch this throught to the end-Kennadie is so funny.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

random pictures off my phone

These are all pretty random, poor quality pictures, mostly taken by the kids with my phone!

Reese and I. (I think)

The kids petting an anaconda. :)

Looks like me in the car?

Reesy making a silly face with her tongue.

This is Reaghan's eye.

Here is Reese at the clubhouse.
I'm trying to smooth out some of Andrew's bed hair for school here.

Jon and I on a romantic snowboarding trip with Travis and Kim.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The girls' room

We had to fit all three girls into one tiny bedroom, so we got creative and stacked their full size (actually queen size headboard/footboards with full mattresses) beds to make ginormous bunk beds! Jon made a cute matching ladder, and I even painted!


A neighbor (the Huffs) put on a mega-production each Halloween, and this year it had an oriental theme. They asked me to do hair, which was pretty fun. This is Terry Thomas, with a huge headdress on. She also had red contacts in, which were totally freaky!
It's kind of small, but you can kind of see the girls' hair here. I put styrofoam forms in their hair to make huge shapes. It looked awesome.