Saturday, December 8, 2007

One sick baby

This is Reese with a double ear infection and cutting molars. That looks like about how I felt after no sleep the night before.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Mexican cruise 2007

Andrew and Kenna waiting in line to climb the rock wall. Kennadie looks like a Who from Whoville in this picture.
The kids racing up the wall

Big mama, with her fanny nicely frames in a harness.
This is us on our way off the ship. It was not until I saw this picture that I undertood why people stared and counted as we walked by. Jon and I thought it was funny when we walked fast and left Kim and Travis with all the kids and acted like we didn't know them. Then they did the same to us in a restaurant-not as funny.
The kids looking at the waves out our window

Kennadie was determined to eat escargo on this trip. Her teacher lived in France and asked her if she was going to, and she told the whole class she would. It was so gross-we brought it back from the restaurant and it was totally cold. She tried to swallow it, but gagged.

We're all dancing as the boat leaves the dock
Kenna was cold, so she and I traded sweaters. That is so weird.

Reese and Mom gettin down.

Little Girls

Reese likes to go down the slide head first

playing outside