Sunday, October 21, 2007

Reaghan gets married

This is Reaghan and her friend Cade. He came walking by with the mask on and said, "I'm spiderman. I'm getting married." Then Reaghan came dancing by in the Sleeping Beauty dress saying she was getting married. They asked me to take the pictures of the wedding.

Spirit day!

Channel 10 news came to the kids' school, and they wanted to stand out so they'd be on T.V. I figured this would do the job.

Andrew got a full on close-up, and they commented on his school spirit. The anchors back at the studio joked about why one of the anchors didn't dye his hair purple like Andrew's.
Someone on the bus to school made fun of Kennadie, so she took the wig off. No close up there. But at least she learned a valuable lesson: Mom knows everything.
This was a daddy/daughter 50's night at the church. Kennadie rocked at the hula-hoop!

Kenna's broken foot

Actually, she broke the very bottom part of her leg, but that sounds a little dramatic to me. She was jumping on the

Reaghan and Gianna

Reaghan swimming with her best friend Gianna Klugg

The Diamondbacks game

We got tickets to the game and were able to take Andrew and Kenna.

Kenna lasted about halfway.

Family support

Some family flew/drove down and

were able to see the kids' first swim meet of the year.

Staying with Ryan and Emelie Halliday

Jon and Ryan with Cali and Reese

All the girls...and Andrew on the trampoline

Riding the go-cart at the ranch

Andrew and Kennadie riding the go-cart

Reaghan and her baby sitter, Jessica.
Mom and Rage.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Andrew's Baptism

Sunday morning after the baptism, Andrew as the newest member of the ward.

Getting my girls ready for church!
Yeah, like I'm really keeping this pink sea urchin on my head.

This was a beautiful day. Family flew/drove in from Utah to see Andrew get baptised, and we had about 50+ people at the house afterwards for lunch. There was a crazy lady who spoke at the baptism-she didn't prepare anything-just babbled at the podium randomly for a while. There was a great part where she told the kids how it's O.K. to be scared, that she was scared, and it's a pretty scary thing...All the parents are are shaking their heads and doing the "cut" sign at her while our kids are imagining some kind of drowning ceremony about to be performed.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reese's 1st birthday

Her face here was so funny. She was getting a little impatient during the happy birthday song.

Outdoor pictures

We were playing in the front yard and took some pictures

Reese in the hospital

Reese got a really high fever, and got all rag-dollish in her carseat, so I took her to the Dr., who sent me to the ER. They couldn't get her fever down, and it was over 105*, so they kept her for a couple days. They couldn't find anything causing it, the only thing we could think of was that she'd gotten into the toilet-the toilet Reaghan had pooped in and left unflushed-and ate the poo. And the Mother of the Year award goes to...

The kids like to sit around the computer and play a game. It's called erase all Dad's important documents and change all the settings.

Spaghetti girl!

The kids trying out their new snorkel gear