Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Meet the Hallidays

Well, here we are, in all our sepia glory. There's Jon, 30, police officer and mortgage broker (guess which job causes the most stress? Not the one he wears a bullet-proof vest to!), Cherise, 27, stay at home momma, Andrew, 8, loves Poke'mon and his friends, Kennadie, 6, loves to draw and school, Reaghan, 3 (almost four) lives for play dates with her friends, and Reese (Jon calls her "Monster") loves her blanket, and is my youngest child to need 'time out'. I'm not into the blog thing, but my friend pointed out that it is journal-keeping and scrapbooking, only it's free and not nearly as time-consuming. Plus I stink at both. So, I am doing this to ease my conscience during those R.S. talks about journal keeping and for posterity. You're welcome.

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