Monday, October 15, 2007

Delivery day!!!

Here we are, on our way! I'm pointing to my belly and Jon's hand, because we were on our way to his appointment to see if he could get the pins out, and then to the hospital because I was in labor!
Laboring, feeling a little gassy, trying to see if I can do this naturally. Lasted about 6 hours (in the hospital). The Dr. broke my water to speed things along, and it just got ugly. No amount of back rubbing or ball sitting could get me through. Jon would rub my back during the contraction to help relieve some of the pain-one time he got distracted by the T.V., and missed his cue. I screamed out, "You have ONE job here!" Yeah, go ahead and bring that epidural.

The epidural guy was so impressed with my back. He went on and on about how far up the needle he usually has to go to get to the spine. Yes, I looked like a beached whale from the front, but from the back, I still had a spine. Oh, Yeah.
So after I got the epidural, I had no feeling, or ability to hold in the really bad gas I had. Suddenly I hear a huge fart, and I look around surprised, like who did that? I then realized it was me, and did a pathetic, "Did I do THAT?"

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