Saturday, October 20, 2007

Andrew's Baptism

Sunday morning after the baptism, Andrew as the newest member of the ward.

Getting my girls ready for church!
Yeah, like I'm really keeping this pink sea urchin on my head.

This was a beautiful day. Family flew/drove in from Utah to see Andrew get baptised, and we had about 50+ people at the house afterwards for lunch. There was a crazy lady who spoke at the baptism-she didn't prepare anything-just babbled at the podium randomly for a while. There was a great part where she told the kids how it's O.K. to be scared, that she was scared, and it's a pretty scary thing...All the parents are are shaking their heads and doing the "cut" sign at her while our kids are imagining some kind of drowning ceremony about to be performed.

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Lindsey said...

Cute picture of you three! I miss you guys so much!